"Charlize was there to help me, support me and talk to me and… (Charlize says: Beat you up.) Yeah beat me up (smilesJust curse me out. (They both laugh) She was just there for me every day. She made a very comfortable environment, so I felt safe. I felt open to try anything and everything. We wanted to make a good movie. I wanted her to push me. I’m thankful for that, because it made me not scared to do heavy material. To be able to get down into those dark places but then come back up. Everytime there was a scene like that, she was there for me. I think I’m going to be a healthier actor because of this.”

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AnnaSophia Robb - Aloft Hotel’s 100 Days of Music Kick-Off Event in Brooklyn 9/23/14

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After all my fittings on The Carrie Diaries, I realized that for any item of clothing to look really sharp, it has to be tailored just right. If you don’t have expensive clothes but they fit your body perfectly, your outfit can still look like a million bucks.

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